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Evangelism and Outreach

Outreach Ministries and Evangelism
We believe that a church is living in disobedience unless it emphasizes the ministry of evangelism. One of the purposes of the Holy Spirit is to give believers the power to become witnesses of the manifold grace of God (Acts 1:8)
The New Testament commands us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every human. We are also commanded to go into the highways and hedges and compel men and women to come to Jesus Christ. As we endeavor to fufil God's command, our church is involved in the following evangelistic ministries:

1. Neighborhood or community witnessing.

2. Feeding Ministry (Open to members as well as non-members).

3. Visition of the sick and needy (members and non-members).

4. Mailing of flyers, postcards or other church related material to non-members.

5. Advertising through the newspapers and radio.

6. Outreach services in Aberdeen Festival Park and Annual events to help the poor.

7. Violence prevention initiatives, including Violence Prevention Weekend in Aberdeen Festival Park. 
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